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New Licensees


Zachary Aaron Johnson
Advance, NC
License #1323
Licensed on 9/28/16

Gregory Tanzer
Fair Lawn, NJ
License #1324
Licensed on 10/10/16

Jeffrey Wayne Frye
West End, NC
License #1325
Licensed on 10/31/16

Jeremy Boyd Babb
Campobello, SC
License #1326
Licensed on 12/2/16

Robert Lee Thompson
Rocky Mount, NC
License #1327
Licensed on 12/6/16


Accurate Waterfalls & Irrigation, LLC
York, SC
License # C-832
Licensed on 11/9/16

Elite Irrigation NC, Inc.
Harrisburg, NC
License # C-833
Licensed on 11/9/16

Eastern Earthscapes & Construction, LLC
Stantonsburg, NC
License # C-834
Licensed on 11/9/16

C.V. Bowers, LLC
Greenville, NC
License # C-835
Licensed on 11/9/16

Tanz of NC, Inc.
Fair Lawn, NJ
License # C-836
Licensed on 11/9/16

Blake’s Landscaping and Irrigation, Inc.
West End, NC
License # C-837
Licensed on 2/8/17

Bushwackers Landscaping, LLC
Richfield, NC
License # C-838
Licensed on 2/8/17

Carolina Sunshine Landscaping, LLC
Newton, NC
License # C-839
Licensed on 2/8/17

Grant’s Lawncare & Sprinkler, Inc.
Fayetteville, NC
License # C-840
Licensed on 2/8/17

High Rock Land & Hardscapes, LLC
Browns Smmit, NC
License # C-841
Licensed on 2/8/17

Integrity Landscapes Plus, LLC
Wilmington, NC
License # C-842
Licensed on 2/8/17

Living Landscapes, Inc.
Graham, NC
License # C-843
Licensed on 2/8/17

Raymond’s Landscaping, LLC
Hendersonville, NC
License # C-844
Licensed on 2/8/17

The Bell Group of the Carolinas, LLC
Indian Trail, NC
License # C-845
Licensed on 2/8/17

Turf Works Landscape
Raleigh, NC
License # C-846
Licensed on 2/8/17



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