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Help us educate the public by bringing the attached flyer, “Why hire a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor??”, with you the next time you are bidding on a job.  Let your customers know about the licensing law and how it will benefit them to hire a licensed irrigation contractor.

Why hire a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor??


New Licensees


Jamie Stuart Melton
Sylva, NC
License #1353
Licensed on 11/27/17

Derek Benjamin Bledsoe
Shelby, NC
License #1354
Licensed on 2/19/18

Jerome Hightower
Sugarland, TX
License #1355
Licensed on 2/21/18

Jordan Paul Nelsen
Rutherfordton, NC
License #1356
Licensed on 3/1/18

Kenneth Hall Hollenbeck
Catawba, SC
License #1357
Licensed on 3/2/18

Donald Arthur Schmidt
Dacula, GA
License #1358
Licensed on 4/2/18


Chuck’s Irrigation & Outdoor Lighting
Raleigh, NC
License # C-866
Licensed on 2/21/18

DNI Operations, Inc.
Salisbury, NC
License # C-867
Licensed on 2/21/18

Lawn and Landscape by AJ, Inc.
Gastonia, NC
License # C-868
Licensed on 2/21/18

Seasons Unlimited Landscape Contractors, Inc.
Tarboro, NC
License # C-869
Licensed on 2/21/18

YardArt Solutions, LLC
Linden, NC
License # C-870
Licensed on 2/21/18

Water Boy Sprinklers, LLC
Evans, GA
License # C-871
Licensed on 2/21/18

Green Lawn Specialists, LLC
Rutherfordton, NC
License # C-872
Licensed on 2/21/18

Perfect Rain Irrigation Systems, Inc.
Dacula, GA
License # C-873
Licensed on 4/2/18

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