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Continuing Education | General Information

NC licensed irrigation contractors are required by law to obtain ten credits of Continuing Education each year. The Continuing Education requirement ensures that each licensed individual is up to date regarding the methods and issues facing the irrigation contracting industry. Continuing Education is meant to give merit to the profession and to protect the public health and safety as required by the statute.  As of January 1, 2017, licensees are required to earn  four (4) business credits and six (6) technical credits.  Agricultural Irrigation subject matter will not receive credit.

There will be many opportunities to obtain the required ten credits of Continuing Education. Activities will be offered throughout the State by community colleges, colleges, universities, manufacturers, suppliers, industry related associations and organizations, state and federal agencies and other organizations.

Please familiarize yourself with the Continuing Education Guidelines & Definitions that are posted on this website. You will be required to educate yourself regarding the requirements and to complete them as outlined each year for renewal of your license.

All Continuing Education activities must be approved by the Continuing Education Advisory Committee (“the CEAC”). Providers of Continuing Education and individuals are encouraged to apply for prior approval of the activity, but the CEAC may grant approval after an event or activity has taken place solely on the merits of the content meeting the CEU guidelines. All continuing education that is approved by the CEAC must be made available to the general public.

The continuing education application is now an online process.  If you are a licensee interested in applying for a continuing education activity you should log in to your account at   If you are a Continuing Education Provider you will need to contact the Board office.  Board Administration will create an account for you so that each time you submit an application you may log in and complete the application process on line. The application must be completed in its entirety, and include an itinerary or outline of the course. The Continuing Education Advisory Committee will continue to meet monthly to review all applications. Any questionable applications will require review by the Board at their regularly scheduled Board meeting.  A schedule of meetings is posted on this website under the Calendar tab.

Listed below are a few continuing education opportunities that have been pre approved by the Board and do not require an individual to complete a continuing education application for approval of a specific date or location.

  • Backflow Tester Certification will receive a maximum of (8) eight irrigation credits and is listed under course number 10503.
  • Backflow Recertification will receive a maximum of (2) two irrigation credits and is listed under course number 10641.
  • The Restricted Limited Plumbing License test will receive a maximum of (10) ten credits and will fulfill an individual’s yearly requirement for continuing education.  The course number is 10679.
  • 30 Hour and 10 Hour OSHA Construction Training will receive a maximum of (4) four business credits and is listed under course number 11905.

The sponsor of the continuing education will provide a proof of attendance or certificate to each attendee.  The attendee should upload the proof of attendance into their account in preparation of a potential continuing education audit.  The sponsor should maintain the sign in list of attendees for a minimum of two years.

Each year 10-20% of licensees will be randomly selected to receive a continuing education audit.  The licensee is required to complete the online audit and provide proof of attendance of CEAC approved activities by uploading them into their account if they have not done so already.



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