• Application for Irrigation Contractor License
    Application to sit for the Irrigation Licensing Exam, apply for licensure by reciprocity or apply for licensure through CIC certification.
  • Application for Corporate Irrigation Contractor License
    Application to be completed after passing the exam if your company is a corporation, LLC or partnership and will be contracting or advertising irrigation.
  • Application Update for Irrigation Contractor License
    Application to be completed if it has been over a year since you originally completed the exam application and you have not passed the exam.
  • Client Verification Form
    Part of the exam application process is to prove three years of irrigation experience.  A minimum of three client verifications are required, or may be combined with an employer verification.  You may NOT use a relative or an individual that is also providing a confidential reference.
  • Employer Verification Form
    Part of the exam application process. May be used in place of, or in combination with the client verification, as needed to prove three years of irrigation experience.
  • Confidential Reference Information Form
    As part of the exam application process,  three confidential references are required.  At least one of the three must be completed by one of the following licensed professionals:  Irrigation Contractor, General Contractor, Plumber, Landscape Architect, Professional Engineer.  The other two references must be completed by an individual that is unrelated and will vouch for your character.  This individual must not be a fellow employee, your employer or an individual that has provided a client verification.


Order Forms

Surety Bond Forms

In order to complete the licensing process once you have passed the exam, you are required to obtain a $10,000 surety bond or a $10,000 irrevocable letter of credit from a bank.  The surety bond must be completed by a bonding company and the ORIGINAL Bond must be returned to the Board’s office along with the Power of Attorney which is provided by the bonding company.  There are two types of bond forms. See below for descriptions:

  • Individual Bond Form is for those individuals that are sole proprietors or individuals that are contracting irrigation in their own name with no business entity affiliation.
  • Sample individual bond form
  • Business Entity Bond Form is for those individuals affiliated with a Business Entity (corporation, LLC or partnership).  The owner of the business may choose to have the licensed employee(s) obtain their own surety bond.  In this case the name of the business entity is required to be listed on the bond along with the individual licensees names. In most instances, the business entity will obtain the bond and list all of their licensed employees on one bond.  In this case, all licensees covered on the bond must have their name listed AND they are each required to sign the bond.  The owner or the person authorized to act on behalf of the business entity must also sign the bond form.   With the second option the owner of the business may add and omit names on this bond when they have employment changes.  The bonding will simply send the Board a rider anytime a change occurs. If a licensee employed by a business entity chooses to contract irrigation on his own time, in addition to the work they do for the business entity, they are required to purchase the Individual Bond Form to cover them for any personal liability.
  • Sample business entity bond form

There are many advantages to having a license in the name of your business entity, including:

  • The ability to advertise your corporation, LLC or partnership
  • Having the business entity listed on the Board website
  • The right to engage in the practice of irrigation construction or irrigation contracting under the direct supervision of an individual licensed by the Board


Complaint Form

Hard-Copy Complaint Form


For renewal forms and instructions click here.