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General Information

The North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board is responsible for enforcing and administering the provisions of the North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board Act (N.C. General Statute Chapter 89G). The law was enacted to promote the efficient use of water, our most basic and precious natural resource, by:

  1. requiring the proper design, installation, repair, and maintenance of landscape turf irrigation systems; and
  2. requiring that irrigation contractors establish that they have (a) sufficient training in efficient water use, water conservation, irrigation practice, system installation, system maintenance, business practices and (b) good moral character to qualify for licensing.

N.C.G.S. § 89G 5 states some of the Board’s powers and duties:

  • To administer and enforce the provisions of this Chapter.
  • To reprimand or otherwise discipline licensees under this Chapter.
  • To receive and investigate complaints from members of the public.
  • To conduct investigations to determine whether violations of this Chapter exist or constitute grounds for disciplinary action against licensees under this Chapter.
  • To conduct administrative hearings in accordance with Chapter 150B of the General Statues.
  • To seek injunctive relief through any court of competent jurisdiction for violations of this Chapter.
  • To adopt and publish a code of professional conduct and practice for all persons licensed under this Chapter. The code shall establish minimum standards for water conservation in the practice of irrigation construction and contracting.
  • To publish a list of irrigation best management practices that are suggestions for licensed irrigation contractors.

The Board investigates alleged violations of Chapter 89G and the rules the Board has established under its own authority. Any person may submit a complaint about possible irrigation contracting fraud, deceit, gross negligence, incompetence, misconduct, unlicensed practice or violations of the Statute against any individual licensee, any business holding a corporate license, or any person providing irrigation system services, regardless of whether he or she holds a license.

Complaint Procedure

The Board requires that complaints shall be in writing and shall include such evidence as is available to substantiate the complaint. Click here to complete the web based complaint form or download a paper form here.

An investigation of the complaint will be made and if after investigation and review, the Board’s Investigative Committee determines that a violation has been committed, it will take appropriate action as authorized in G.S. Chapter 89G.

The Board does not have legal authority over boundary disputes or disputes over a failure to fulfill a contractual obligation. Such matters are outside the jurisdiction of the Board and require legal resolution between the parties.

Written correspondence may be directed to:

Physical Address:
North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board
3733 Benson Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609

Mailing Address:
North Carolina Irrigation Contractors’ Licensing Board
P.O. Box 41421
Raleigh, NC 27629-1421



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