Best Management Practices

Purpose of Turf and Landscape Irrigation Best Management Practices

The purpose of this document is to present irrigation Best Management Practices (BMP’s) for turf and landscapes. These BMP’s are a supplement to the information found in the adopted Rules (minimum standards) which support the design installation, maintenance and management of turf and landscape irrigation systems in ways that further save water and protect water quality and better serve the citizen’s of North Carolina. These BMP’s are recommendations, not rules. Contractors are asked to consider these recommendations in all phases of their work.

These BMP’s are in no way intended to supersede the published rules governing irrigation contracting, or any local or state laws or ordinances or any manufacturer’s recommendations for installation and maintenance.

These BMP’s will be reviewed, evaluated, and updated periodically by the Board. All comments and suggestions are welcomed by the Board.

Best Management Practice is a recommended irrigation practice that is intended to reduce water usage and protect water quality. A BMP is economical, practical and sustainable, and maintains a healthy, functional landscape without exceeding the water requirements of the landscape.

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