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January 2021

Policy Statement regarding Continuing Education Credits for the year 2021

This is to remind all licensees that in order to apply your 2020 continuing education to the 2021 education year, all courses must be entered into your account by the end of 2021.  The Board recommends you upload your proof of attendance documents if at all possible.  If you did not earn the full ten (10) credits during 2020 you must do so by the end of 2021.

Licensees are required to earn ten (10) continuing education credits during 2021, six (6) irrigation and four (4) business, if no credits were earned during 2020.

August 2020

Advisory Letter to General Contractors
The attached Advisory Letter is being distributed to all N.C. licensed General Contractors. This letter explains the Board’s interpretation of N.C. Gen. Stat. § 89G-3.

March 2020

Latest Update Regarding COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus)
The Governor has issued (Executive Order 121) effective at 5:00 PM Monday, March 30, 2020

Effective Monday, March 16, 2020, the Board has implemented a “no contact” visitor policy at the Raleigh office.  All persons having business with the Board are requested to use the following resources instead of visiting the Board office.

Website:  The website contains extensive information regarding renewal, exam and continuing education.
E-mail: Board Administrator, Lisa Deubler may be reached by email during normal business hours at
Telephone: The Board office may be reached during normal business hours at (919) 872-2229.
US Mail or Fax:  You are urged to send all documents via US Mail or fax, rather than physically bringing them to the office.

October 1, 2019

North Carolina 811
2019 Underground Utility Safety Act/Changes

§ 87-122. Excavator responsibilities.
(c) An excavator shall comply with the following:
(6) If an operator fails to respond to the positive response system, the excavator may proceed if there are no visible indications of a facility at the proposed excavation or demolition area, such as a pole, marker, pedestal, meter, or valve. However, if the excavator is aware of or observes indications of an unmarked facility at the proposed excavation or demolition area, the excavator shall not begin excavation or demolition until an additional call notice is made to the Notification Center detailing the facility and an arrangement is made for the facility to be marked by the operator within three hours from the time the additional call notice is received by the Notification Center.


Amendments To Sales Tax Expansion Act (UPDATE 9/10/2018)
Sales Tax Directive – 4/18/2018
Sales Tax Expansion Protection Act – 9/7/17


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Why hire a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor??

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